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Bad credit? Need to refinance your commercial property or need cash out? Our approval means a closed loan. Fill out our Loan Pre-Approval Form online.

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Loan Brokers

Looking for a good source of private money? We can help. We represent a group of private investors with loan funds available for first and second trust deeds on real estate. We may have quick solutions to your loan needs.

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Trust Deed Investors

Looking for safe, reliable loan investment opportunities? Loan Solution, Inc. can help.

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Hard Money Lender

Tired of the runaround looking for a direct hard money lender?

The term Hard Money Lender has evolved, to include lenders who are not the traditional hard money lenders. They have been established since the last real estate crash. They advertise Hard Money Loans, lower rates, to attract borrowers but a select few are actually funded. They control a pool of investor funds and therefore have […]