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Bad credit? Need to refinance your commercial property or need cash out? Our quick approval means a closed loan. Do you want to see if your property will qualify? We will do a free property analysis for you. No obligation. Just fill out our Loan Pre-Approval Form online. You will find we are different, we are a traditional hard money lender since 1993.We are very straightforward and your property alone can qualify you.

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Looking for a good source of private hard money? We can help. We represent a group of private investors with loan funds available for first and second trust deeds on real estate. We are direct lenders. We may have quick solutions to your loan needs.

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Looking for safe, reliable loan investment opportunities? Loan Solution, Inc. can help. We are investors ourselves and look at each investment as our own. You can choose to service your trust deed yourself, or we can recommend some companies for you. Any questions feel free to call and discuss. We want you to feel confident in all your decisions.

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Small Commercial Hard Money Loans

We fund small commercial hard money loans. 1-15 years, Interest only or amortized. Quick and simple process. Your approval is based on the real estate.