E-Z Commercial Private Money Loans

We have millions of dollars immediately available for your clients.

I want your Bank and Thrift loan turn-downs. And your borrowers turn downs — loan offers from hard money lenders demanding too many points and bank-required documents. Give me those loans. Small commercial loans are our favorite.

Our private money loans are based mainly on LTV or equity.

We’ll give you straight answers — fast no, or fast close. We know what our investors want, and can give you same-day approval. We have several types of investors for various types of properties and situations.


  • 9-12% Fixed
  • LTV 65%
  • $30,000 to $5 million
  • 1-15 years Interest Only or Amortized
  • 1st and 2nds on California property

Commercial Loan Guidelines

We are the solution for your borrower hard money loan problems. We have streamlined our process for commercial private money loans. We will consider any type of building, and the Los Angeles area is our specialty (appraisals not usually required). These are strictly private money equity loans. Just call and we can give you an answer over the phone.

  • Vacant buildings, or just rehabbed and no rental history okay
  • Consolidation loans, small commercial loans, cash out loans
  • Bad credit okay, no docs, stated income, no up-front fees to broker, appraisals not always needed.

Common sense, fast underwriting. Only equity required.

Types of Properties for Private Money Loans

California properties are our specialty

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Strip Centers
  • Office
  • Medical
  • Retail Units
  • 5+ Units
  • Mixed Use Property
  • Rehabs
  • Auto Centers
  • Car Washes
  • Churches
  • Land
  • Residential- Non-owner Occupied
  • Etc.

Same-Day Approval
Fax me a 1003 and credit, or I’ll run one. I’ll call my appraiser to verify that value is in the ballpark, then my investor to inspect the building. I’ll give you a quote and have the documents ready the next day.

I will not ask you for a laundry list of documentation. We have a few investors that don’t even require an appraisal. Reasonable terms, low points short term or long term, amortized, interest only — we can be very flexible, and we are very FAST.

Call for details.
Friendly approval by phone.

Colleen Bigler, President
Loan Solution, Inc.

California Department of Real Estate Broker
(661) 251-9075

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